What is CBN? Benefits and Uses


You probably already know that CBD comes or is generated from plants and that cannabinoid is available in many different ways to consume and use, like oils, pills, and even infused drinks.

But you probably don't know about its numerous health benefits and interactions with the complex endocannabinoid system.

Recently, the phytocannabinoid CBD has gained much attention. However, it's not the only substance you should be aware of.

Another substance you may want to learn more about is cannabinol or CBN.

To understand more about CBN, its effects on the body, and how to use it, continue reading.

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What Is CBN? Is It Different From CBD?herbie-cbd-oils.jpg

As a cannabinoid, CBN/cannabinol is one of the active components in marijuana. Marijuana behaves in the way it does inside the body and brain due to these components.

Being a minor cannabinoid, CBN isn't typically found in high amounts in marijuana like THC and CBD. However, this minor participant stands out from the rest due to how marijuana produces CBN.

Because their names are similar, neither one produces a high like THC, and both CBD and CBN have therapeutic uses, it is simple to mix the two up.

It is helpful to compare and contrast various cannabinoids to comprehend what makes them unique ultimately.


CBN vs. CBD: Similarities and Differences

Although their abbreviations may sound similar (and they are), there are some differences that are significant.

But first, let's talk about some similarities.

Similarities Between CBN and CBD

As was already mentioned, the cannabis plant contains the cannabinoids CBD and CBN. Both are non-intoxicating substances, meaning they will not make you feel 'high' or affect your mind.

According to preliminary studies, they have also been demonstrated to have some comparable effects and advantages.

For example, CBD and CBN appear to encourage a feeling of calm and a moderate inflammatory response.

This is done through interactions with important cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Differences Between CBN and CBD

Despite possible similarities in their effects, CBD and CBN are fundamentally separate phytochemical substances. The second most prevalent cannabinoid in a cannabis plant is typically CBD.

Manufacturers can breed cannabis plants to contain more CBD, but because CBN is produced as a byproduct of THC breakdown—which can be sped up by heating THC or exposing it to UV light—they cannot directly alter the quantity of CBN in a plant.

Additionally, because CBD is more widely accessible than CBN, it has undergone more clinical research.

According to a clinical study, CBD can aid in reducing stress and anxiety, boosting resilience, and promoting a pleasant mood.

Additional differences are:

  • CBN cannot be purchased in concentrated form. However, CBD is freely available. Cannabis has CBD from the beginning; CBN doesn't surface until THC is oxidized.
  • CBN is particularly sedating when used in high concentrations.
  • Compared to CBN, CBD has been the subject of more scientific study.


How CBN Affects the Body

The body's main regulatory system, the endocannabinoid system (ECS), is affected by cannabinoids. The body naturally produces endocannabinoids, and the cannabinoid receptor family makes up this system.

This system's most extensively researched receptors are cannabinoid receptors 1 (CB1) and 2 (CB2).

The effects of various cannabinoids are greatly influenced by how they interact with these receptors; for instance, CBD's interaction with the CB1 receptor appears to induce feelings of calm.

Potential Benefits of CBN


CBN has some exciting benefits. If you suffer from a disorder, you may talk with your doctor to see if CBN can help you.

A 2021 study that used a randomized controlled design found that CBN-containing products improved sleep quality.

It should come as no surprise that CBN is showing signs of being able to increase both the quantity and quality of sleep—even at low doses—since it is a byproduct of the oxidation of THC.


CBN Has Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

In addition to promoting sleep, preliminary studies suggest CBN may function as an antioxidant—a chemical that combats free radicals in the body.

While it's still too soon to draw any firm conclusions regarding CBN's health advantages, it's noteworthy to point out that its use is typically quite well tolerated, and as studies move forward, we'll be able to learn more about CBN and its particular advantages.

Additionally, CBN may be a potent anti-inflammatory that can benefit people with rheumatoid arthritis. In one investigation on rodents, CBN was found to lessen arthritis.

While more research is required, this could be of great assistance to those who are dealing with this crippling condition.

CBN Has Antibacterial and Neuroprotective Properties

According to studies, CBN may be a powerful antibacterial agent. MRSA strains that are resistant to conventional antibiotics were evaluated in lab conditions using CBN.

It is an effective antibacterial agent against these resistant pathogens, according to researchers. Perhaps in the future, CBN will be utilized to treat bacterial illnesses that conventional antibiotics cannot treat.

CBN may be a potent neuroprotectant as well. Researchers tried CBN as a therapy for ALS in a mouse study and discovered that it could postpone the start of the disease.

This shows that CBN may offer a potent weapon in the struggle against Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neurodegenerative diseases, while further research on humans is required.

CBN Might Help Treat Certain Disorders

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that results in dry, crusty skin patches covered with scales that appear to be white.

According to preliminary studies, CBN may be able to reduce the proliferation of keratinocytes, a kind of skin cell.

Overactive keratinocytes are a problem for psoriasis patients, which is why flaky skin patches initially develop.

Another study discovered that CBD could aid with symptoms of generalized anxiety. According to an analysis of 49 studies, CBD may be able to treat different types of anxiety disorders.

CBN has also shown promise in the management of chronic pain.

Finding the Right CBN Products For You

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