Herbie's 2000mg Full-Spectrum Pain Balm

Review by Marcela Brand on 18, Apr 2023

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Marcela B review

Herbie's Sleep Gummies

Life changing
Review by Eduardo B. on 12 Mar 2023
These gummies are absolutely fantastic! My wife and I use them every night. It's not so much that they help you fall asleep, it's that they help you get restful sleep no matter how long you sleep, whether it's a couple of hours or a full night. I've been using them now for a few months and I'll be using them as long as I can get my hands on them! Read more about review stating Life changing

I would definitely recommend 10/10 

Herbie's 1000mg Full-Spectrum CBD Calming Tincture

Best products
Review by Lora S. on 8 Jun 2022
I love the products and as soon as my tripod comes in I will be doing a product review on video.
I love your products and company. I plan to use your products my husband loves them too.
I live in severe pain from neuropathy, degenerative neck and spine disease (military), and migraines (my whole life).
If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.

Herbie's 1000mg CBN Sleep Tincture

After several weeks of sleeplessness...
Review by David A. on 13 Nov 2022
After several weeks of sleeplessness, a family friend suggested this product. Thank you for the recommendation! IT WORKED!

25mg CBG Balanced Gummies

Thank you Herbie!!
Review by Grandma’s Helper
My grandma has been using the balanced, calming and sleep gummies for the past two months. She was very active, could not concentrate and not able to sleep. We had multiple care givers in her home helping with her husband and she would constantly be in their way because she would not stay calm and let them do their job. Now that she has been using Herbie gummies she is able to relax, focus and she says she no longer cries everyday due to her anxiety. Thank you Herbie for bringing balance and peace to her and our family!