Herbie Instagram review - Legendary OG


"5 pack of hemp rolls, all 1 gram each 15.90% CBD Legendary OG and they are amazing. Calming just as it says they are. I'm really loving everything I've tried from this company @hello_herbie Quality and effectiveness are spot on. Their products are honestly top notch...also they're amazing people. You can't lose with these guys so give them a follow and show some love" - Kristina_Blues

Herbie Reddit review - White CBG

"This is a review of White CBG from Hello Herbie... This is the strongest non-Delta 8 CBG flower I have ever smoked... I use CBG for pain relief from my nerve issues and I felt great for the next 2 hours (just over)... CBG gives me an endorphin rush... This gave me a super endorphin rush that lasted a good 30 minutes... This is right there at the top of the best CBG flower I've ever smoked... Overall - 10 I've seen Hello Herbie get blasted before over their prices and they've gone down some... He's also having a great sale right now... You definitely get what you pay for though..." - u/ChikinNugget

Herbie Reddit review - Peach Goliath & Sour Space Candy

"So one thing about Herbie, that makes them standout, is they take their flower serious. These look like hand trimmed buds. I normally don’t see that with outdoor flower. Normally it’s machine trimmed. These buds are full of trichomes and have a bright color to them. Bright green buds with bright orange pistils. Overall this company is someone to be reckoned with. They are doing a fantastic job growing and trimming their product. Presentation is definitely on point. Packaging is great. Quality is superb." - u/DarinP93

Herbie Reddit review - Ultra Kush

"LOOKS: so I took multiple photos on my phone under different lights to get good pictures. I can tell it’s outdoor but the trim job on these flowers is beautiful! These buds are full of trichomes. Some buds are brighter green than others, and you can tell the difference. Sticky sticky sticky buds once rehydrated. SMELL: soon as I opened up the jar I got a nice smack of peppery earth with sweet undertones. After leaving the jar open for a bit I started to smell a sweet tea smell. After rehydrating flower in mason with humidity packs I’m now starting to smell a loud funk when I open the jar. I’m still getting that earthy nose but it’s now being followed by loudness! EFFECT: I’m a bit biased when it comes to my Kush. I love my kushes! And this is every bit of potent as I like! I mean this really was punching my lungs, not in a bad way. Instant relaxation and chill vibe smoking this. Very nice indica effect to this. Smoked it some time before bed last night and almost woke up late for work" - u/DarinP93