Stardust CBG Indoor Hemp Flower


This indoor small batch selection has been sourced from the best hemp provider we could find and is now available! We only have limited quantities, so it may run out fast! 

70/30 Sativa Dominant

Stay frosty, my friends! Stardust CBG has a potent hoppy, citrus and pine-like aroma that carries woody undertones. Excellent for uplifting daytime relaxation. Often times people will blend CBG with CBD (and other...ahem) flower to achieve the "entourage effect" for more effective results. This is a wonderful strain for those needing a way to manage stress and remain upbeat throughout the day. There is a limited amount of this available from this harvest. Grown in soil using organic practices. Stardust CBG tests high in Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Limonene.


D9 - THC - ND%
THCA - 0.266%
CBGA - 17.364%
CBCA - 0.534%
TOTAL THC - 0.234%
TOTAL Cannabinoids - 18.428%


Terpenes - 0.377%

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